Collaboration is vital for research in regional Australia

As a social researcher, I investigate the barriers to collaborative research in regional Australia between landholders, government agents, researchers and their institutions.

Collaboration really is vital for natural resource management in Australia, as we don’t have all the skills and expertise in one place, in one organization, or in one agency.

I am part of an ILWS team that is investigating how to improve this collaboration between people to address the incredibly complex environmental problems facing Australia.

We’re looking at how and how well people work together – and if they don’t work together, why not.

We’re working at the grassroots: we’re looking at people, we’re looking at organizations, and we’re looking at community groups, and what helps them collaborate, particularly in regional Australia.

What have we found so far? Have a look at my presentation on YouTube to find out more. Presented on 9 September 2020, this was part of 2020 National Social Science Week #nssw2020 organised @ilwscsu @CharlesSturtUni