On the wall in Chiltern

The Comms Doctor is working with artist Kirrily Anderson to install a giant mural depicting the amazing biodiversity found in the Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park in North East Victoria, including the critically endangered Regent Honeyeater.

Kirrily is supervising the major installation, due to be completed in November, on a 13 x 7 metre wall next to Barnawatha Road in the town of Chiltern.

The Chiltern mural

The Comms Doctor is providing communication support to the Victorian Department of Environment, Water, Lands and Planning by developing:

  • interpretation and information signage in Chiltern and along the nearby Hume Highway;
  • three podcasts on the long-term project to save the Regent Honeyeater from extinction through local and national collaboration; and,
  • access to online services that help explain the mural and the conservation project using a QR code on the signage.

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